Below is the standard accessibility information for Queensland Country Bank Stadium, from time to time specific events (such as COVID Safe Events and concerts) will require specific accessibility information – this will be noted where applicable on the specific event page. Please check the What’s On page of our website to find the specific event page.

At Queensland Country Bank Stadium we are committed to delivering fair and equitable access and experiences to all our events for all patrons. This includes providing services for people with various levels of disability; inclusive of those with hearing impairments and those in wheelchairs.


Accessible Seating and Tickets

We want everyone to have a great experience at Queensland Country Bank Stadium. All accessible seating has a clear path from your entry gate to your seat, with customer service staff available to help you find your way.

Tickets for accessible and enhanced seating (for those who need additional space) can be purchased directly through Ticketmaster by those who have a wheelchair, companion card or special needs requirements*.

Contact Ticketmaster’s Accessible Seating Line to arrange:

Phone: 1300 446 925


*Please note you may be asked for permit numbers or the like to confirm your requirement for these seats.



ALS Hearing Augmentation

Queensland Country Bank Stadium is serviced by an ALS hearing augmentation system.  Please speak with Ticket Box Office staff or Corporate Area Staff for more information.


Accessible Car Parking and Drop Off Options

People in Wheelchairs – on site wheelchair parking in Carpark 1 can be pre-booked by contacting the Stadium team or filling out our wheelchair parking request form here. 

Please note: you will be required to have purchased an accessible seating ticket in order to book this parking. These car parks are strictly limited and not guaranteed with your ticket purchase.

Accessibility Drop Off – the is a dedicated accessibility zone for drop off and pick up on Pride Close immediately in front of the Stadium’s southern entrance.


Accessible Features


Gates and Entrances – Gate A (the northern entry) has an accessible ramp into the stadium which provides patrons with 360° access around the Level 1 concourse; where food, toilets and other amenities are located. Gate E has access from the gate entry to the Level 1 concourse; and Gate G (corporate and non-event day function entry) has lift access from Ground Floor entry up to each level of the Western Grandstand.

Check your ticket to locate the best entry point for your seat.

Please note: For events such as concerts, gate loading requirements may change – please contact us if you have any questions.

Toilets - accessible toilets are located throughout the stadium. In general public areas these are accessed from the Level 1 concourse.  Corporate guests have accessible toilets within most corporate spaces also.

Changing Places Facility

Queensland Country Bank Stadium has an accredited Changing Places Facility.  It is located on the North West corner of the Level 1 concourse (near Aisle 111) and includes a full-sized change table, ceiling hoist and shower. 

This facility is available 24/7. 

If you require vehicle access; approach the venue from the South on Pride Close, go through the round-about and you will approach a yellow intercom.  Press venue management on the intercom and you will be buzzed into the stadium precinct.  The venue representative will advise you where you are able to park on each occassion (subject to event bump in/out requirements).

During business hours, make your way to the Gate G Venue Management Office where a member of the venue management team will assist you in accessing the Changing Place facility.  Outside of business hours, make your way to the Gate G Venue Management Office (via the intercom on the left hand side of the Venue Management door) and our after hours security will meet you and assist you into the venue.

More information can also be found on the Changing Places website.

⤓ Adult hoist information pack download - Handicare C-450

⤓ Adult change table information pack download - Astor Bannerman CTe2

Still got a question about accessibility at Queensland Country Bank Stadium? Contact Us!