Horn v Tszyu – a good, clean fight

Horn v Tszyu – a good, clean fight


More than 10,000 fans are expected to attend the stadium for Wednesday’s fight between Jeff Horn and Tim Tszyu. Queensland Country Bank Stadium Manager Mirella Taylor said the assistance of patrons would be critical to ensuring the success of this and future events.

“Outside of season sporting fixtures, this is one of the only major events that’s been able to go ahead in Australia and indeed the world, so it’s critical that patrons play by the rules to ensure events can continue,” Ms Taylor said.

“Patrons need to understand that the usual stadium experience has changed for the foreseeable future, with socially-distanced seating, segmented zones and sanitisation stations the new normal,” she said.

“Please follow the directions of stadium signage and staff and avoid crowding and mingling for longer than necessary and consume food and drinks only in designated seats.”

Dynamic Director Nick Livermore said the event also had significant screening, contact tracing and distancing measures in place to protect the boxers and those behind the scenes.

“Events like this are the livelihood of many, so we’re taking this incredibly seriously, and we hope our fans will too,” Mr Livermore said.

“From midday tomorrow the back of house and designated clean zone areas will be sterilised and deep cleaned and then go into lockdown, with a security guard ensuring people do not transfer between the clean and dirty zones,” he said.

“We’ll be keeping our fighters safe by designating them and their teams to red or blue corner buses, and also enforcing a 1.5m distance between the clean and dirty zones along the walk-out and around the ring with double fencing.

“This has been a huge undertaking for our crews, but we feel really confident that we’ve taken the measures necessary to keep our fighters, staff and fans safe during these uncertain times,”
Key COVID-Safe messages:

  • Maintain social distancing

  • Wash your hands regularly and cough/sneeze into your elbow

  • Stay in your designated seat and stadium zone

  • Consume food and beverage in your seat

  • Stay home if you’re unwell

For further information visit www.queenslandcountrybankstadium.com.au or check Facebook for updates.