with special guest Tones and I

Raise Your Glass P!NK fans, the event we’ve all been waiting for is just around the corner! 

Australia’s number one selling female touring artist, P!NK is set to perform at Queensland Country Bank Stadium for not one, but two big shows: 
Friday 22 March 2024 
Saturday 23 March 2024 

Gates open: 5.00PM  
Show starts: 7.00PM  


We’re stoked to see you too! Watch P!NK’s special video message for those heading to the North Queensland shows.  

Whether it's your first-time visiting Queensland Country Bank Stadium or you’re a seasoned visitor, here's everything you need to know to Get The Party Started... 




Have your ticket ready! 


First thing’s first, to get in you must have a ticket. While most tickets sold in record time, Ticketmaster is your best bet for last minute tickets! Don’t fall for scammers – Ticketmaster is the only approved ticket seller for this event, so don’t risk it! Once you’ve secured your ticket via Ticketmaster, be sure to download your ticket to your phone’s digital wallet via the Ticketmaster app before you leave home. 

Remember, your phone is your ticket (unless you’ve purchased a hard copy Collector ticket or a Print-at-Home).  

If you bought tickets for friends, be sure to transfer their tickets to them ahead of time to avoid delays at entry.  

Plan your trip! 

Before the music begins, it’s essential to plan your journey to Queensland Country Bank Stadium to ensure you get there safely and on time. While there's no parking at the stadium, the great news is parking will be FREE in the CBD on Thursday 21 and Friday 22 March and weekend parking in the city is always free! Visit the Townsville City Council website for more information.   

There's also lots of FREE transport options available to all ticket holders, including FREE Park and Ride Shuttle from Lou Litster Park and FREE special event bus loops that will run pre-show from 4.20pm and post-show on event days, including City Loop, Bowen Road and Northern Beaches routes.

Some local communities, hotels and clubs are also putting on private buses for the event. Ask around to see if there's one available near you, or if you’re organising your own fun bus, check the website for drop-off details.
Head to the Queensland Country Bank Stadium website to get all the details on walking and special event bus routes, drop-off and pick up zones for taxis, rideshare and private coaches, Magnetic Island ferry details and accessibility transport options. 

Pack right, pack light!

One too many is one TOO MANY! Getting into the stadium is a cinch if you pack right, and by that, we mean pack light! Only bring what’s necessary, or even better leave your bag at home to avoid the bag check and get to your seat faster! 

If you do plan on taking a bag, make sure it’s not a backpack and that it’s under A4 size – anything over A4 will need to be cloaked.  

For the best night possible, follow the below guide on things you can and can’t bring into the stadium:  

Things you can bring into the stadium:  

✔️  your card – we're cashless! 
✔️  reusable personal water bottle (no glass) 
✔️  homemade, non-commercially packaged food  
✔️  a poncho (no umbrellas).  

Things you can’t bring into the stadium:  

❌ commercially packaged food or drinks 
❌ ​signs
❌ artist gifts 
❌ camp or folding chairs 
❌ costume face mask/coverings of any sort 
❌ ​dangerous items 
❌ ​prams/baby capsules (these items can be cloaked at Gates A or E) 
❌ umbrellas (bring a poncho if it looks like rain!).


Arrive early and know your gate 


✅  Ticket – in your digital wallet.
✅  Travel – planned.
✅  Outfit – sorted.  

So What will happen When I Get There

First up, make sure you check the gate is listed on your ticket and head there when you arrive (you can see a map of all the gates here). You must enter via the gate listed on your ticket. 

This is the stadium’s biggest ever event, and with over 30,000 fans expected to attend each night, we know it will get busy! Gates open at 5.00pm on both nights and we recommend arriving early so that you have time to buy merch on your way in – outside merchandise marquees are open from 12.30pm (we recommend purchasing before entering). We also have merchandise outlets inside the venue - opening once the gates open at 5.00pm.

If you need to cloak items, leave extra time and visit the cloaking tent outside Gate A and Gate E; then head to your gate - all bags will be checked by Security upon entry.  

Don’t be a stupid girl (or boy)! We know mega-P!NK fans might want to arrive super early, but mega-smart fans know there’s no point arriving before midday. No queuing be permitted before 12.30pm on show days and early entry was sold as a part of the P!NK VIP packages, so unfortunately queuing will not get you the front. 

Bring your card (and march straight to the merch stand)!  

Yes, there will be merch, and yes, you should bring your card because you’re going to want some, with everything from P!NK t-shirts to P!NK hats up for grabs!  

Merchandise outlets will both inside and outside the venue and all merchandise outlets are cashless, so remember to bring your card! On show days, merch stands open at 12.30pm and remain open until after the show or sold out.  

Get ready to enter the FUNHOUSE!  

Once you’re ready to get inside amongst the action, make sure you have your ticket ready as you approach your gate. For digital tickets, open on your phone and turn up the brightness. We’re using Ticketmaster’s new encrypted mobile tickets, which use a unique barcode that automatically refreshes every few seconds so that your tickets cannot be stolen or copied, so screenshots, photos and print outs will not be accepted at the gates.  


Image supplied by Suncorp Stadium. 


Have a Feel Good Time!  

Get ready to be blown away because this show is unlike anything you’ve ever seen! The P!NK Summer Carnival 2024 show features soul-stirring vocals, acrobatic aerials and dancing as well as haze/smoke effects, flashing lights, strobe lighting and other lighting effects throughout the performance. 

Australian artist Tones and I will warm up the crowd before P!NK hits the stage. 

We know you’re still a rockstar, with rock moves - we want to see them! But please stay safe and be respectful to other patrons and staff.  

It’s hot out there... Townsville is hot and humid during March, so please make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day and look after each other. If you’re feeling unwell, please seek medical attention from the friendly medical staff. 

You’re making history in Townsville!  

The P!NK concerts will be the biggest events ever hosted at Queensland Country Bank Stadium, and we want to see your highlights! Share your snaps with us on social bu tagging @QueenslandCountryBankStadium #SummerCarnivalTownsville! 


Raise Your Glass to a terrific night out! Take your time navigating the crowds as you make your way out of the stadium, reliving the memories of the incredible performance you've just witnessed.  

Walk Me Home 

Just like your trip to the stadium, we recommend planning your trip home ahead of time – check out the options on the Queensland Country Bank Stadium.   

If you’re heading into town for a post-concert debrief with friends, a late-night snack from one of the nearby eateries, or a place to replicate P!NK’s epic dance moves, check out the list of places to head after the concert on the Townsville website.  

So, There You Go, that’s All I Know So Far... 

If you have more questions, check out the frequently asked questions on the Queensland Country Bank Stadium website.  

We can’t wait to see you soon!